Honor, Respect, Discipline, Loyalty and Commitment

The Code of Conduct in this dojo is based on Kodokan principles which are common to all good dojos. Every member including parents of our minor members are required to know and respect these code of conduct and dojo etiquette. Instructors and students of other programs in this dojo, visitors and observers are also expected to follow the following etiquette and rules  



• Show RESPECT for Instructors, Team Members, Parents, and Self

•Courtesy, character development, self-discipline and restraint take precedence over technique

• Bow when entering and leaving the mats

• Safety always comes first. Take care of yourself and your fellow students. Always be aware of your surroundings. 

• Keep our mats clean and the whole dojo. Do not walk on the mats with shoes on. Shoes or sandals must be worn when walking around off the mat. If sitting you should be cross legged or in formal kneeling position. If you eat or drink in the dojo, clean up after yourself. No food or drink on the mats. 

• No talking while the Instructor is teaching

• Do not get off the mat without the instructor's permission during a class

• Maintain hygiene (wear a clean gi and keep finger and toe nails short).Mats should be mopped and sanitized whenever possible after each class working on newaza or grappling.

• Do not wear jewelry during a class. If you have braces on your teeth we encourage you to use a mouth guard

• No use of profane language 

• Notify an instructor immediately of any injury that has occurred or feeling of illness before or during class and do not leave the mat without first notifying the instructor for any reason.

• If a student’s hair is long enough to fall over the face (or into the eyes), the student’s hair should be pulled back into a pony-tail with a soft, fabric covered, non-metal and non-plastic tie. 

• Be punctual and don’t miss lessons. Come to class at least 10 minutes early to help set up or clean mats. Please be dressed and ready to start on time. If you are late to class, bow to the instructors before you join the class. Make sure you get your attendance marked for being in class, you will need this for all promotions

• Line up properly by order of your rank. Wear only the belt that indicates your Judo rank. 

• No side line coaching for parents. Parents should not interfere with the instructor, coach or class. Any questions or concerns can be addressed before or after class.

Head coach will be responsible for assigning coaches and assistant coaches during competitions. Respect to coaches should be observed and avoid interfering during coaching activities. Any questions or concerns can be addressed before or after the match when they are available to answer questions.

• Instruction is at the discretion of the instructor. Students who are disruptive or not willing/able to accept instruction may be subjected to disciplinary action. 

• Members participating in any external judo event including other dojos visit will need approval from the head instructor. Failure to follow this protocol may be subject for disciplinary action or expulsion from Seiei Dojo.

• Always pay your monthly dues on the 1st day of the month and annual USJF membership on time

• Every member may be required to help and support any Seiei Dojo events and activities including judo seminars and dojo improvements.