Peewee Judo Class (3-5 years old)

You just found the best sports activity for your child. Seiei Dojo peewee FUNdamentals judo program is an excellent activity for young children to have fun and learn judo. Imagine your child learning a martial art and having fun at the same time. Because your child is what we have in mind, we developed this program for them to learn judo in a safe, healthy and fun manner. It is a program that lasts for 45 minutes where children do basic fitness exercises, have fun games and learn basic judo. This is a unique program that your child will surely enjoy and at the same time learn judo in a fun way.

The FUNdamentals movement skills (agility, balance and co-ordination) and sports skills (running, jumping, throwing, kicking, catching and swimming) are the basis for all other sport and similar for our peewee judo program. Children should develop these skills before the onset of their growth spurt in adolescence. An individual who is not competent in the basic movement skills will have difficulty participating in a range of sports and will have fewer opportunities for athletic success and lifelong enjoyment of physical activity. We understand this fundamental movement skills as part of the growing up of children that we had developed our peewee judo program to prepare our young members for our regular youth judo or any other sport that they may chose to continue.These movement and sport skills should be introduced through fun and games and our peewee program uses it as an opportunity to help the children and the same time have fun.

Please watch the video below to get an insight of our peewee judo program.